"Floored:" Where are they now?

September 20, 2013 04:45 AM
Traders from movie "Floored" moved on in many directions

floored You’re probably wondering what  happened to the Floored traders  as  the original release of this  film was in  late 2009. Although  the movie ended, these lives  didn’t. With the help of Director  James Allen Smith, we found out  where some of the more colorful  characters have moved on to.


Pete and Jon Najarian, Rick Santelli: Are still commentators for CNBC. All former floor traders had made their move to media prior to the film.


 Pete and Jon

Raschke Linda Raschke: Is still trading  upstairs for herself as well as  continues to educate traders  everywhere.


Ansani Jeff Ansani: Winter golfer and the  former floor trader who took a big  financial hit, and returned  to  the  floor as a clerk, is still working  on  the  floor. For some people, it’s in  their blood.

Rob in gear Rob Prosniewski: The young  trader who went to  the floor to  find his riches and realized he  couldn’t cut it actually made it on  a much larger  and more  dangerous playing field:  Afghanistan.  Rob went on to  become a medical specialist in the  U.S. Army, and served in  Afghanistan as a  combat medic  patching up the 10th Mountain  division. No doubt the chaos of  the floor helped  prep him for  combat duty. Currently he lives in  Hawaii while training for the  Special Forces. 

Kenny Ford Kenny Ford: The long-time floor  trader who was  convinced that the  computer was “evil”  apparently  changed his mind. He left the  floor  in October 2011 and moved  to New York where  he now works  upstairs at a proprietary trading  firm Coastal Trade using — what  else? —  computers.

Greg RibaGreg Riba: The trader who was interviewed seemingly while inebriated had a very bad turn  of events when his Lincoln Park  home caught on  fire in April  2012, according to reports. The  home he bought on Seminary in  Chicago in 1992 for $900,000  sold in late 2012 for  $910,000…  not one of his better trades.

Mike Walsh Mike Walsh: Big game hunter who  cursed as a second language left  the floor. Other than rumors that  he joined the gaming industry, we  can’t  find him. 


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